Adult Programs

Weather its for general health and well being, performance or social our adult programs offer a good range to ensure we cater for the adult user groups within the community.

Name Description
WATER EXERCISE Caters for all abilities. Water Exercise combines the use of varied water depths, equipment, circuits and fun combinations with low impact. Excellent cardiovascular and muscle toning using water resistance.
Seal Training SEAL Training is a high intensity military-based workout. The objective of this workout is to increase confidence, teamwork and strength along with improving an individual’s aerobic capacity.
Session 1: Water Based training
Session 2: Land Based Training
Adult Squad Adult squad sessions are aimed at improving adult health and well being, along with stroke correction. Sessions cater for less competitive swimmers looking to enjoy a social yet challenging session.
SOT SQUAD A swimming session for open water & triathletes. This session has a focus on developing endurance, strength and speed to gain that competitive advantage.